Dorsey Ross Show

Interview with Allen C Paul,

November 16, 2022 Season 5 Episode 3
Dorsey Ross Show
Interview with Allen C Paul,
Dorsey Ross Show
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Show Notes

Allen C. Paul: Music, Creativity, Faith, Family.  This is who Allen C Paul is and more, check out his websites to get more information about him.  In this episode, we discuss his life, about him being a Musician, and about his faith.  Though he sings in churches he also goes out into the secular world and uses his gifts for God as well.  Allen shares his stories about his music from his heart, and what he does is all for the honor and glory of God.   

  • Musician – Pianist, teacher, musical director, and coach in all styles of music. You can read more of my musical bio at my artist page, I'll post my music here from time to time as well.

  • Writer – Content creator and founder of God and Gigs, a project dedicated to helping everyday artists in everyday life. I write at and produce a bi-weekly podcast where we discuss topics and interview creatives who deal with the intersection of faith and entertainment.

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