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We Have Hope, My Interview with Coach Jay Mills

February 08, 2023 Season 5 Episode 5
Dorsey Ross Show
We Have Hope, My Interview with Coach Jay Mills
Dorsey Ross Show
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Show Notes

In this episode, I interview Coach Jay Mills, now pastor and speaker.  He shares the story of his coaching career and his faith in what God has done and is doing in his life.  Enjoy this episode of faith and sports.  

During his collegiate coaching career, Mills was recognized as an innovator, motivator, and team builder, helping both individuals and programs alike to reach their full potential. It was during the decade he served as the Head Football Coach at one faith-based institution that he first fully integrated biblical principles to create a whole person development model. This unique leadership strategy promoted the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional development in those he led. As Mills would state, “Success in the core components of a person’s life transfers into success, not just on the playing field, but personally and professionally as well. If the process is right, the results will take care of themselves.”


His hypothesis would be correct. As a Head Football Coach, Mills led Charleston Southern University to its first ever winning season, conference championship, national ranking, and the second-longest winning streak in the nation. Before retiring in 2013, Mills would receive coach-of-the-year accolades and, for his accomplishments on and off the field, he was presented the prestigious Mike Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award

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