Dorsey Ross Show

In this episode I Interview Sylvia Warsham

March 22, 2023 Season 5 Episode 7
Dorsey Ross Show
In this episode I Interview Sylvia Warsham
Dorsey Ross Show
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Show Notes

Sylvia Worsham received three miracles in 72 hours during Easter weekend in 2012. She traded-off her multiple award-winning sales careers at Pfizer & Roche, to become the International Best-Selling Author, Multi-Lingual Speaker and Turning Points Coach she is today. Sylvia lives her passion by helping corporate and professional women who are in deep spiritual change in life, to navigate towards their divine soul’s purpose and align to their soul’s identity. She does this through her writing, podcast interviews, Joy in the Journey Masterminds, Keynote Addresses, and One-on-One Coaching. She resides in Austin, Texas with her amazing husband, two children, and dog. Dorsey Ross is a minister, author, and podcast host.  He started the Dorsey Ross Show to share stories of faith and encouragement, to encourage others that God will see them through, and to give them hope.  Dorsey also travels around sharing his story of faith and encouragement in his own life.  

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