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Are you a Ministry Misfit?

December 01, 2021 Dorsey Ross Season 3 Episode 5
Dorsey Ross Show
Are you a Ministry Misfit?
Dorsey Ross Show
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Show Notes

Are you a Ministry Misfit?  If you are in ministry, and haven't always felt like you have been accepted into ministry, or felt like you have been left outside, and not loved by others, this show is for you. 

Today we talk with Andrew Fouts, where we discuss his story of being a ministry misfit, and how he didn't fit into the mold of what ministry looked like for him. 

Andrew Fouts " Didn't really fit into any specific groups in college, had some difficulty in college, with some of the institutional stuff going on as far as what they expected you to do if you where going into ministry".   

Find out more about Andrews, story and how we can all come together and embrace and accept one another regardless, of the way that we talk, dress, look like, and help to work together in ministry. 

Ministry misfit website to contact Andrew, and to find out more about his ministry, and his life.

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